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Dealing with a Drain Clog

When your drain suddenly backs up into your sink or tub, it is never a pleasant surprise. Many homeowners may try using a liquid drain clog remover to fix the problem. In some cases this may work, but not always. Before you pour chemicals in your drain, you could try a couple of other options, for instance, if the drain is only in a sink, you may be able to relieve the clog by taking off the p-trap. Make sure to have a bucket to catch all of the water. Another option to try before you pour the chemicals into your plumbing would to use the plunger on the fixture with the backup as this can sometimes cause the clog to break free. If is not recommended to use a plunger after you have poured chemicals in the drain. 

The liquid clog remover are normally only effective for light clogs, so if the chemicals don’t free your drain, you will need to take further action. You could attempt to use a drain snake yourself to clear the line or you could just call a licensed plumber with Treasure Coast Elite. A licensed plumber will be able to clear the line with a drain snake and even use a camera to check the pipe if needed. Although a plumber will cost more than clearing the drain yourself, it will be much easier and cleaner!